Howard Marans MD: Cost of Tennis Elbow Treatment or Surgery

Tennis Elbow Treatment Cost

Tennis elbow is a medical condition affecting the outer part of the elbow. The tendons in the elbow will become damaged due to repetitive use from sports or other activity. The overworking of the elbow will cause an inflammation, pain, weakness, and swelling. Tennis elbow treatment cost will be different for each individual based on numerous contributing factors.

Degree of Damage

The amount of damage to the elbow will be a major contributing factor to figuring the tennis elbow treatment cost. Seeking an accurate diagnosis should be the first step in the process in determining the right course of action. An accurate diagnosis is the end result of a complete medical history, physical examination, and testing. Designing a medical treatment program will depend on each individual’s results. The treatment program will either be non-surgical methods or surgery.


In determining tennis elbow treatment cost for both non-surgical and surgical approaches, the next biggest contributing factor is the type of medical insurance coverage. Co-pays, deductibles, and course of treatment make each potential patients cost different. Under most circumstances, non-surgical sports medicine methods may be at the lower end of the cost scale.

  • Either over the counter or pain medications may be used to help combat the symptoms of tennis elbow. Reducing pain may provide quick, temporary relief. In most cases, the method is at the low end of the cost scale. Over time with continuous use, the cost will add up
  • Cortisone injections into the elbow may help reduce the painful swelling associated with tennis elbow. Generally medical insurance will cover a partial amount or full amount of the injections.
  • Support braces for either the elbow or wrist to help reduce movement is a tennis elbow treatment cost at the lower end of the expense scale. Medical insurance coverage may provide a minimum co-pay amount or the out of pocket cost may be around $50.
  • Physical therapy is another non-surgical option. The strengthening of muscles may help reduce or eliminate the symptoms of tennis elbow. With multiple sessions, the cost may add up quickly to the higher end of the expense scale.


When all the non-surgical approaches fail to provide the desired expectations, surgery is usually the next step. Without medical insurance, the surgical approach may be in the thousands of dollars. Each type of surgery will have another set of varying factors to contribute to the tennis elbow treatment cost.

  • Arthroscopy surgery is performed through small incisions in the elbow. The option is less invasive with a shorter recovery time.
  • Traditional surgery requires a large incision to be used. The method gives the doctor a more hands-on view of the damage to the elbow. The recovery time is longer with this type of surgery.

Other factors may contribute to the final expense of the tennis elbow treatment cost include the amount of anesthesia, hospital stay, and follow-up care.

Treatment Cost for Tennis Elbow

In determining medical care coverage, a potential patient should begin by consulting with an insurance representative. Dr. Howard Marans will guide a new patient or returning client through each step of the treatment process. Accepting various medical insurances, Dr. Howard Marans strives for an optimal outcome with each patient without creating a financial burden. Please click below to schedule your consultation or call us at 714.979.8981.


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