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Shiga – Itami · Kanagawa · Centrair Please leave pickups! Easy by smart delivery!

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Approximately 21% more than others! Even in the daytime and early morning, the cheapest thing in Shiga is MK taxi.

Please also try relaxed Estima HV.

077- 526 -4141 (Yoiyoi)

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Why not check out historic Komei Road? Recommended for entertaining and private.

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We apologize for any inconvenience as we make a mistake.

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Easy order from Sumaho App! Because you do not need to talk, you can order from the conference or from the train.

Automatic reception! Yobaru-kun

Your home / shops etc. “From now to the usual place 1 unit”! Because it is an automatic response, it also connects when call center is crowded.

MK only

It is convenient without looking for MK taxi!

From Mt. Ishiyama Station and Kusatsu Station, please use MK only.



Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group Review – Make the Regular Maintenance of your Car a Priority

Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group believes that if you make yourself familiar with the maintenance and repair of your car, you can keep its good condition. Ensuring your safety as well as your family while driving a car should also be your priority. And in order to make this right, you need to maintain the safety standards of your car and always keep it in perfect running condition.

The first rule in driving a car is oftentimes learning how to brake properly because each driver should be responsible for their own safety as well as the people around them. Knowing how to properly brake a car usually comes first before learning how to move a car forward or backward.

When it comes to meeting their automobile needs, many residents of South Coast of Hampshire only goes to one place, and it is the Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group – a family-operated company that has an excellent background in trading car parts and accessories. Their services have been proven reliable throughout the years wherein they offer good car servicing, tyres, brake checks, MOT’s, and free seasonal tune-ups and check-ups to their customers.

In order to make tyre fitting faster, Tyre&Auto has online transactions that could deliver fast tyre quotation. You can also be certain of their quality car maintenance and repair wherein they can provide a local collect and delivery of your car.

Does your car need an MOT test? Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group can fulfill this need of yours, and included in this examination were checking the safety of your car and the amount of exhaust emission. And to be able to guide you in your yearly MOT certificate requirements, Tyre&Auto provides regular reminders which include the due of your test. This way, you can be certain that you will renew your road tax and your car insurance on time.

Nowadays, most of us need a car to reach our desired destinations every day. And having your own car gives you few advantages such as ease, mobility, and personal comfort; therefore, you should treat your car properly and see to it that you have it checked often.

A person or a family could gain comfort and financial returns from owning a car, however, its benefits don’t stop there since a car can also provide emotional or psychological benefits. Tyre&Auto supports this belief on cars because it’s obvious that this tool of transportation serves a crucial role in today’s society. Busy streets and cars were already a part of life. With this belief, Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group continues to give dependable service to their customers and make sure to meet their automobile needs.

Security and Risk Online – Visa Payment Card Details Guessed in Seconds by Hackers

Card security research

Visa payment card details guessed in seconds by hackers, claims study

Cyber crooks can use computers to make multiple attempts to get confidential data without their illicit efforts being discovered

Fraudsters can take as little as six seconds to guess the details needed to hack a Visa debit or credit card, research has found.

Experts from Newcastle University said it was “frighteningly easy” to do with a laptop and an internet connection.

The hackers use a so-called Distributed Guessing Attack to get around the online security features.

It may have been the method used in the recent Tesco Bank hacking scam, which affected 9,000 customers and cost £2.5m.

The researchers found even if the cyber criminals made multiple – and unsuccessful – attempts to get payment card data, their efforts would not be detected.

It meant the scammers could systematically fire up different variations of security data at hundreds of websites simultaneously and, within seconds, the criminals could use a process of elimination to verify, via computer, the correct details of a card.

PhD student Mohammed Ali said: “This sort of attack exploits two weaknesses that, on their own are not too severe, but, when used together, present a serious risk to the whole payment system.

“Firstly, the current online payment system does not detect multiple invalid payment requests from different websites.

“This allows unlimited guesses on each card data field, using up to the allowed number of attempts – typically 10 or 20 guesses – on each website.

“Secondly, different websites ask for different variations in the card data fields to validate an online purchase. This means it’s quite easy to build up the information and piece it together like a jigsaw.

“The unlimited guesses, when combined with the variations in the payment data fields make it frighteningly easy for attackers to generate all the card details one field at a time.

“So even starting with no details at all other than the first six digits – which tell you the bank and card type and so are the same for every card from a single provider – a hacker can obtain the three essential pieces of information to make an online purchase within as little as six seconds.”

Responding to the study findings, Visa said: “The research does not take into account the multiple layers of fraud prevention that exist within the payments system, each of which must be met in order to make a transaction possible in the real world.

“Visa is committed to keeping fraud at low levels and works closely with card issuers and acquirers to make it very difficult to obtain and use cardholder data illegally.

“For consumers, the most important thing to remember is that if their card number is used fraudulently, the cardholder is protected from liability.”

The study was published in the academic journal IEEE Security & Privacy.